john mayer

it all started with i tweet i saw before going to bed from john mayer, who for the past few months, stopped using twitter.

"3am show at Village underground… Going to play an hour set. $10."

i was about to go to bed when i saw this. then something sparked in me. something that said “GET THE FUCK OUT OF BED AND GO.” so, i did.
i threw on the shorts i just took off and picked out a clean shirt from my closet. i rushed to put on a little makeup, grab my keys, wallet, and camera.
i scribbled the address on my left hand in sharpie ink and rushed down the stairs of my building.
i ran to 1st avenue to catch a cab. as i sat in the cab, the adrenaline was rushing. i wanted to scream out the windows, “THIS IS NEW YORK, BABY”
so i arrived to the venue, the villiage underground. but i knew what was coming; it was a bar. i would not be allowed in without an i.d. at first i thought, “damn this would have been a great time to have a fake i.d.”
so i tried to get past the bouncer. no luck. i stood outside that bar, leaning against the pole holding some parking sign that i didn’t give a shit about. i wasn’t going to leave. there were other dissappointed faces with me. ones who were probably my age as well.
"i’m so upset like WHAT THE HECK" were the words of a girl dressed in a far-too-skanky dress for just going to see john mayer.
"i know. it sucks" i replied.
"whatever i’m leaving" she said.
"i’m staying… i have a good feeling about tonight" even though i had the feeling of utter failure stained in my chest.
"good luck. i tried everything on those bouncers."

twenty minutes go by. i keep making sad faces at the bouncers. the other people my age leave.
then it happens.
john mayer, in the flesh, coming from my left side. he was wearing light seersuckered pants, a white shirt, hipster glasses, and his guitar strapped to his back. my mouth fell. i had no words, so i began digging through my bag to grab the sharpie. because as i always said to myself, if i ever met john mayer, i would have him autograph me and then i would get it tattooed to me. i think i almost grabbed a tampon out of my bag instead.
he got closer, so i acted.
"john! they won’t let me in because i’m 19" i said
"what? you’re coming with me tonight." he said
"really?!" my heart was about ready to fall out of my mouth i was so happy.
"yeah. what’s your name?"
"elisabeth!? elisabeth!" he hugs me and keeps his arm around me. "it’s been so long. it’s been since becky’s party 5 years ago!" john has a weird sense of humor. i love it.
"yeah man. that was a craaaazy party."
"liz? can i call you liz?"
"do you promise not to drink tonight if i bring you in with me?"
"i promise. can we get a picture together?"
"don’t worry about that now." his photographer steps in and takes a few of us. "just save that for later."
"my hair looks so bad. i literally got out of bed and came." my hair was big… really, really big.
"nah. it’s cool. your hair matches the weather." it had been raining all day in new york.
"is this really happening?" i asked this to him
he smiles “come on, let’s go inside sweetheart.”

so i walk past the bouncers who shot me down earlier with john’s hand on my shoulder. as i passed one bouncer i said, “this is my lucky night, and i’m glad you’re here to experience it.” he laughed and shook my hand.

john and i made our way down the stairs and he said something else like, “you’re with me tonight, alright elisabeth?”
"soooo can i get in for free?"
"i just said you’re with me! of course!"
we walk up to where i should’ve been paying if i had been a 21 year old allowed in the bar.
a woman who works there asks, “john, who’s with you?”
"she’s with me" and he squeezes me a little with his arm. he also points to his awesomely chill photographer and we go in.

i walk in with his arm still around my shoulder and wish him luck. he thanks me. and i thank him.
he begins to set up on stage as the group of 40 people clap and cheer some. i blow a kiss at him and he returns it.

his nearly two hour set was filled with many jokes about himself, some of my favorite songs, and lots of smiling.

at the end of the show. i shook his hand and thanked him again for bringing me. he said “anytime elisabeth. thank you for coming.”
he remember my name after two hours.

i left the venue and it was light out. i know how truly lucky i am to be alive and living in new york.

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